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Useful Guide woman playing - Useful Guide to Guitars

Before you decide to buy your first guitar, you should know what types of guitars are there and which genre they would best fit. This may not be common knowledge but certain genres sound a lot better with a specific kind of guitar, and that should be your first priority.

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is either steel-string or nylon. Steel-string is the most popular type of acoustic guitar and is widely used by artists. Nylon-string, on the other hand, is more suitable for classical music.

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar has a solid body but needs to be plugged into an amplifier in order to work. The sound it produces is moremetallic which is why this is commonly used by people who are in the genre of rock.

Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Also known as a semi-acoustic guitar, it is the kind which makes use of both properties of an acoustic and electric guitar.Basically, you can use it as an acoustic guitar but you can also choose to plug it in especially when you want to achieve a certain timbre for your sound.

Archtop Guitars

Known as one of the best-looking guitars out in the market.As for the genre of the music usually played with this guitar, jazz is the answer. You can choose between full-bodied and thinline archtop guitars.

Steel Guitars

This guitar originates from Hawaii and is placed on the guitarist’s lap and is played horizontally. So, the music that would usually be produced by it is something that would match the beat and tone of Hawaiian music.

Bass Guitars

The range of this guitar is wide but it focuses more on the lower tone. In a regular guitar line-up, the bass guitar is the bass instrument while the double-bass represents the bass in the orchestral string family.

This type of guitar can’t really stand alone, it mostly accompanies the other guitars that play the rhythm and melody.

Since you already have an idea on what types of guitars thereare, you can now start deciding on which to choose, and then proceed on buying your first guitar.