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4 Ways Music Videos Influence Your Decision in Buying A Guitar


Most of the time, we are influenced by what we usually see or by the people that we look up to. The same thing goes for your decision on buying your first guitar. There are certain forces that will be your guiding voice in choosing which guitar to buy.

Watching music videos could be one of those forces.

In order to expound on that, we will be providing you with 4 different reasons as to why music videos can influence your decision in buying your first guitar.



There are music videos where you can see real bands playing their own instruments. In these setups, you’ll be able to see their highlighted performances as well as the guitar that they are using.

You may not notice it, but the more you spend time watching your favorite band’s music video, the more you’d want to learn how to play the song and have the same guitar that they have.

Seeing an Inspiration in Live Action


Having inspiration for learning how to play the guitar helps you boost the urge even more. Now, seeing your inspiration play in music videos would surely stir up your feelings more. You’ll probably even think of buying the guitar that they are using.

This may not be considered as a downside, but sometimes, being too inspired by someone could lead you to copy them without you noticing it. They could even cloud your judgment and make you purchase things that you don’t really need.

The Sound


A person’s mindset can play a lot of tricks on a person. For example, when you watch music videos and you see people playing their instruments, you will immediately think that in order to produce such sound, you will need the instrument that they have.

On some levels, such an assumption is correct. However, you don’t need the exact make and model of the guitar, just knowing what type of guitar it is would suffice.But what’s more important is, setting your mind to learning the techniques that they use for the song.

Riding with What’s In


Sometimes, when you want to stay relevant in your era, you got to have something that only a few people can have. When people realize that the guitar that you are buying for the first time is identical to what has been used in the music videos, they would surely swarm around you.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with trying to fit in but it can lead you to places you don’t want to be in. It can make you purchase something out of your league, or it can force you to do hateful things in order to get the things that you don’t normally have.

When people watch music videos their focus is on how the sequence goes. There are only a few people who appreciate the content of such videos. What they don’t know is that these things could have a great impact on someone’s life especially the one who is planning to buy their first guitar.

It’s not wrong to be influenced by something in getting your own character. However, it would still be better if you browse through important facts regarding the criteria on how to buy your first guitar.