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8 Must-Have Guitar Accessories after You Bought Your First Guitar


Guitar accessories are used in order to enhance and aide your guitar playing. These accessories might be useful when you’re still practicing while others can only be helpful once you are able to play.

Regardless of which stage you are already in on your guitar playing, you should be able to know the following accessories so that you’ll be ready in case you need them.

Guitar Amplifier

To amplify means to increase the volume of a sound and a guitar amplifier does the same job. Although amplifiers are mostly needed for electric guitars, as it could only be heard that way, you can also use it for semi-acoustic guitars.

When there’s a larger audience at an acoustic gig, your acoustic guitar would need a little boost from an amp.

There is a thing called a practice amp which is used to get new guitarists acquainted with its use. Once you are able to play with a practice amp, you can then move on to using the other one.

Instrument Cable

In order for the amplifier to get connected with your guitar, an instrument cable is required. It is required that the cable is long enough for you to move around. During live shows, you will see guitarists that will show off and in order to do that they need their cables to be longer.


If you are still practicing, you can make use of headphones and connect them to the jack of a guitar amplifier. The purpose of this is to keep the noise to a minimum so that your neighbors wouldn’t sue you for public disturbance or so that the people around you wouldn’t be annoyed.

Guitar Tuner

As a future guitarist, it is imperative for you to have a guitar tuner. Regardless whether you are buying your first guitar or not, you will need this in case your guitar starts sounding off. Although, due to recent changes in technology, there are phone applications that allow you to tune your guitar using your mobile device.

Guitar Picks

For students who are learning plucking and fingerstyle, it is highly recommended that you use medium guitar picks as your initial choice. Once you get used to it, you can change it into something your preference.

Guitar Strap

It’s not recognized much but having a guitar strap could actually mean a lot. Even when you are still practicing, you need to have something to prevent your guitar from falling off, and that’s the purpose of a guitar strap. You can carry it effortlessly and keep it safe at the same time.

Extra Guitar Strings

Every now and then your guitar strings will break. And in anticipation of this problem, we would like you to have at least two sets of extra guitar strings on-hand. This will ensure that even if the first one breaks; you can still continue because you have spare.

Guitar Case

To make sure that your guitar is safe and always in mint condition, you should have a guitar case. As much as possible, buy a case that is durable but has safety cushions on the inside. This will protect the guitar from any impact it may receive.

Most of these things can be used even as a newbie so you may want to check all of this out as you buy your very first guitar.

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