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New Vs Used: A Guide to Buying Your First Guitar


When buying your first guitar, you have the choice of buying a new one or finding a guitar that has already been used. In order to give you an idea of what the advantages of each of these guitars are, below are some facts about purchasing old and new guitars.

New Guitar

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To start, having a new guitar means that its features have already been upgraded to the latest technology.

And since it is new, a manufacturer’s warranty is still intact. So, if there are problems with the guitar that you discover along the way, you’ll be able to return it and ask them to fix the problem without any additional cost.

Aside from lookingfor brand new guitar, having a new guitar lets you create memories together. Imagine having something that has started with you and continued to be with you after all those years, isn’t that something to be excited about?

Used Guitar

On the other hand, buying a used guitar is not bad at all as long as it satisfies one condition, it shouldn’t have been abused. One of the advantages of owning an old guitar is the vintage look and sound.

A lot of people are so into old items not just because of the design but because of the materials used. This would explain how there is a difference in the sound that old and new guitars produce.

We think that the best news about having to buy a used guitar instead of a new one is because it is less expensive. Of course, that is with the exception of vintage collectable guitars which could cost a fortune.

Old or new, it doesn’t really matter that much when you’re buying your first guitar. The thing that would still matter the most is whether or not you are comfortable using it, and if such a guitar could satisfy your needs and purpose as a guitarist.