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5 Faults Committed When Buying Your First Guitar


The reason why people make bad decisions is that they think they already know something that isn’t really the entirety of it.As for buying your first guitar, there are certain facts that you need to clearly understand first before proceeding to buy it.

To dig in deeper on some facts that need to be straightened up, here are five faults that are commonly committed by people when buying their first guitar.

Starting with Acoustic Guitar

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People have this mindset that when you start with the acoustic guitar,you’d eventually be able to play other types of a guitar as well. This is a very wrong notion because when you want to play a certain sound, you should directly learn it so that you can practice it more.

You see, playing different genres also means using different techniques and different guitar types.

You can never use the kind of strumming in acoustic for electric as it would sound off. Other than that, using an electric guitar to play acoustic music would not have the same effect as when you are using an actual acoustic guitar.

Failure to Consider the Strings

post4 strings - 5 Faults Committed When Buying Your First Guitar

When people see the structure and design of a guitar, they eventually shut off every other thing that they should consider in choosing one and that includes the strings. It’s not just about whether they are nylon or steel, it’s also about whether they are too high up or too low down.

The problem with steel strings is that it is harder for it to be pressed because it is made of a stronger material. Now, if it is combined with a higher-strung string, it’ll be harder for you to pin it down. A nylon string which is lowly placed may not be able to produce a good sound.

Getting Blinded with the Brand

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It is a normal consensus that when you choose a popular brand over items with unknown origin, it would mean that you have the superior brand. This is very wrong. There are promising and upcoming guitar makers that are using better materials and could construct a well-soundingguitar for a cheaper price.

Not Being Prepared

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When you really don’t have the drive and commitment to learning the guitar, you’d probably lose interest in it after some time. Before you buy a guitar, you need to have your materials prepared or at least have someone to teach you regularly.

This will ensure that you get to practice and would not slack off from slacking.

Paying for Unnecessary Accessories You Don’t Need Yet

post4 musical instruments - 5 Faults Committed When Buying Your First Guitar

When you buy your first guitar, sales people will try to mooch more money from you by offering you accessories that you don’t really need.

When you are still learning, you don’t really need accessories like those which could alter pitch, all you need to have is the basic guitar suited for the music that you want to play.

Along with the facts and tips that have been stated in our blog, we would also like you to make use of this list of faults. With this, you’ll be able to make the most rational decision for buying your first guitar.