4 Ways Music Videos Influence Your Decision in Buying A Guitar

Most of the time, we are influenced by what we usually see or by the people that we look up to. The same thing goes


8 Must-Have Guitar Accessories after You Bought Your First Guitar

Guitar accessories are used in order to enhance and aide your guitar playing. These accessories might be useful when you’re still practicing while others can



Your First Guitar: 4 Types of Guitar Strings

One of the things that you need to consider when buying your first guitar is the strings that it has. You should be able to


New Vs Used: A Guide to Buying Your First Guitar

When buying your first guitar, you have the choice of buying a new one or finding a guitar that has already been used. In order

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Your First Guitar: 4 Types of Guitar Strings


One of the things that you need to consider when buying your first guitar is the strings that it has. You should be able to identify which strings are best for the music and genre you’re going for or else you won’t be able to achieve the right tone and feel for it.

To get you in the loop, below is a list of guitar strings that you should know about to get your guitar playing in the right direction.


Nylon Strings

These strings are strong but very easy to handle.Those who are in line with the classics usually go for this type because of the authenticity in its tone.

It also comes in a variety of tensions so that you can choose which one is appropriate for the style and sound that you want to achieve.

Steel Strings

Made out of bronze or bass, and with copper, zinc, or tin, steel strings are commonly associated with acoustic guitars. Jazz and acoustic guitarists are the ones who commonly use it. The thicker the gauge, the broader the volume of the notes are.

Jazz guitarists usually use lighter gauge strings because it’s not loud which is perfect for jazz music. Acoustic guitarists usually opt for medium gauge strings as louder and stronger volume is needed to play acoustic songs.

Nickel Plated and Stainless-SteelString

Usually, electric guitar strings use stainless steel, nickel, or even a combination of both. Guitar strings for electric guitars are solely made for such instruments and it can never be used to replace the strings on an acoustic or classical guitar.

Nickel plated strings give off a bright sound to music which is very good if you are going for an upbeat sound that would really get the crowd off of their feet. Stainless steel strings, on the other hand, has a sharper sound so you need to practice controlling it.

A pure nickel string, however, provides a more subtle and mellow tone.

Coated Strings

Have you ever seen a guitar with old strings? If you did, then you may have noticed that the strings have already oxidized which makes it not just unpleasant for the eyes but for the ears as well.

A lot of guitarists make sure to have coated strings so that it won’t corrode easily. Generally, coated strings can last longer as compared to non-coated strings but it could also be more expensive.

For first-time guitar owners, you should also take note of when to change your guitar strings. Of course, there’s no exact expiration date on them but you will be able to tell by yourself.

When the strings start to look old, the strings don’t reverberate well, and the sound seems off, that’s your cue to change.

Buying your first guitar is challenging but nothing can’t be conquered without a little help. Knowing your strings will help you evaluate which guitar you should buy in line with the genre you’d want to play.

4 Ways Music Videos Influence Your Decision in Buying A Guitar


Most of the time, we are influenced by what we usually see or by the people that we look up to. The same thing goes for your decision on buying your first guitar. There are certain forces that will be your guiding voice in choosing which guitar to buy.

Watching music videos could be one of those forces.

In order to expound on that, we will be providing you with 4 different reasons as to why music videos can influence your decision in buying your first guitar.



There are music videos where you can see real bands playing their own instruments. In these setups, you’ll be able to see their highlighted performances as well as the guitar that they are using.

You may not notice it, but the more you spend time watching your favorite band’s music video, the more you’d want to learn how to play the song and have the same guitar that they have.

Seeing an Inspiration in Live Action


Having inspiration for learning how to play the guitar helps you boost the urge even more. Now, seeing your inspiration play in music videos would surely stir up your feelings more. You’ll probably even think of buying the guitar that they are using.

This may not be considered as a downside, but sometimes, being too inspired by someone could lead you to copy them without you noticing it. They could even cloud your judgment and make you purchase things that you don’t really need.

The Sound


A person’s mindset can play a lot of tricks on a person. For example, when you watch music videos and you see people playing their instruments, you will immediately think that in order to produce such sound, you will need the instrument that they have.

On some levels, such an assumption is correct. However, you don’t need the exact make and model of the guitar, just knowing what type of guitar it is would suffice.But what’s more important is, setting your mind to learning the techniques that they use for the song.

Riding with What’s In


Sometimes, when you want to stay relevant in your era, you got to have something that only a few people can have. When people realize that the guitar that you are buying for the first time is identical to what has been used in the music videos, they would surely swarm around you.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with trying to fit in but it can lead you to places you don’t want to be in. It can make you purchase something out of your league, or it can force you to do hateful things in order to get the things that you don’t normally have.

When people watch music videos their focus is on how the sequence goes. There are only a few people who appreciate the content of such videos. What they don’t know is that these things could have a great impact on someone’s life especially the one who is planning to buy their first guitar.

It’s not wrong to be influenced by something in getting your own character. However, it would still be better if you browse through important facts regarding the criteria on how to buy your first guitar.

8 Must-Have Guitar Accessories after You Bought Your First Guitar


Guitar accessories are used in order to enhance and aide your guitar playing. These accessories might be useful when you’re still practicing while others can only be helpful once you are able to play.

Regardless of which stage you are already in on your guitar playing, you should be able to know the following accessories so that you’ll be ready in case you need them.

Guitar Amplifier

To amplify means to increase the volume of a sound and a guitar amplifier does the same job. Although amplifiers are mostly needed for electric guitars, as it could only be heard that way, you can also use it for semi-acoustic guitars.

When there’s a larger audience at an acoustic gig, your acoustic guitar would need a little boost from an amp.

There is a thing called a practice amp which is used to get new guitarists acquainted with its use. Once you are able to play with a practice amp, you can then move on to using the other one.

Instrument Cable

In order for the amplifier to get connected with your guitar, an instrument cable is required. It is required that the cable is long enough for you to move around. During live shows, you will see guitarists that will show off and in order to do that they need their cables to be longer.


If you are still practicing, you can make use of headphones and connect them to the jack of a guitar amplifier. The purpose of this is to keep the noise to a minimum so that your neighbors wouldn’t sue you for public disturbance or so that the people around you wouldn’t be annoyed.

Guitar Tuner

As a future guitarist, it is imperative for you to have a guitar tuner. Regardless whether you are buying your first guitar or not, you will need this in case your guitar starts sounding off. Although, due to recent changes in technology, there are phone applications that allow you to tune your guitar using your mobile device.

Guitar Picks

For students who are learning plucking and fingerstyle, it is highly recommended that you use medium guitar picks as your initial choice. Once you get used to it, you can change it into something your preference.

Guitar Strap

It’s not recognized much but having a guitar strap could actually mean a lot. Even when you are still practicing, you need to have something to prevent your guitar from falling off, and that’s the purpose of a guitar strap. You can carry it effortlessly and keep it safe at the same time.

Extra Guitar Strings

Every now and then your guitar strings will break. And in anticipation of this problem, we would like you to have at least two sets of extra guitar strings on-hand. This will ensure that even if the first one breaks; you can still continue because you have spare.

Guitar Case

To make sure that your guitar is safe and always in mint condition, you should have a guitar case. As much as possible, buy a case that is durable but has safety cushions on the inside. This will protect the guitar from any impact it may receive.

Most of these things can be used even as a newbie so you may want to check all of this out as you buy your very first guitar.

The Acoustic Guitar

From Visually.

4 Qualities of A Good Guitar You Should Look for Before Buying


Thinking about learning how to play the guitar also means that you need to buy your first guitar.The reason why these two should go together is that you need to get accustomed to using your own guitar.

You may not know this but there are people who won’t be able to play well just because they are not using their own guitar.

In order for you to make the right decision, you should keep your eyes on the lookout for the following guitar qualities discussed here.



The sound that a guitar produces come from the vibrating strings that hit against the wood that makes up a guitar. Now, the kind of sound and tone that resonates will depend on the type of wood that is used.

With this, we highly recommend that you also read about different kinds of tonewood and what kind of sound it produces.

Neck Structure

There are two different types ofguitar when it comes to the structure of its neck. One is where you can attach and detach it, while the other one is fixed. You should know thatthe bolt-on neck has less sustenance and resonance.

However, there are guitars that offer both settings in one guitar so to not stress you in picking out which one.

Body Style

Another quality that would affect the resonance that a guitar has is determined from its body style. Hollow guitars offer more resonance and it amplifies well as compared to guitars which aren’t as hollow.

The weight of the guitar will also get lighter as the hollow gets bigger.

String Type

Steel-string guitars are the most common type of guitar that you can see in the market. However, these strings are harder to use because it has more resistance. Nylon strings are easier to deal with because it’s softer but are most suited for classical music.

Buying your first guitar should be based on these qualities or at least use it asyour buying guide. Having these qualities to rely on would ensure that you won’t be wasting your money on something that you won’t even use.

New Vs Used: A Guide to Buying Your First Guitar


When buying your first guitar, you have the choice of buying a new one or finding a guitar that has already been used. In order to give you an idea of what the advantages of each of these guitars are, below are some facts about purchasing old and new guitars.

New Guitar


To start, having a new guitar means that its features have already been upgraded to the latest technology.

And since it is new, a manufacturer’s warranty is still intact. So, if there are problems with the guitar that you discover along the way, you’ll be able to return it and ask them to fix the problem without any additional cost.

Aside from lookingfor brand new guitar, having a new guitar lets you create memories together. Imagine having something that has started with you and continued to be with you after all those years, isn’t that something to be excited about?

Used Guitar

On the other hand, buying a used guitar is not bad at all as long as it satisfies one condition, it shouldn’t have been abused. One of the advantages of owning an old guitar is the vintage look and sound.

A lot of people are so into old items not just because of the design but because of the materials used. This would explain how there is a difference in the sound that old and new guitars produce.

We think that the best news about having to buy a used guitar instead of a new one is because it is less expensive. Of course, that is with the exception of vintage collectable guitars which could cost a fortune.

Old or new, it doesn’t really matter that much when you’re buying your first guitar. The thing that would still matter the most is whether or not you are comfortable using it, and if such a guitar could satisfy your needs and purpose as a guitarist.

3 Tips on Buying Your First Guitar


Buying your first guitar is a very crucial step because it can affect different aspects of learning. For instance, if you are not comfortable with how a guitar feels in your arms, you may not want to continue further.

So, to make sure that you won’t waste money or effort on buying your first guitar, you may want to check out the following tips.

And while you’re at it, try understanding every point so that you can appreciate their importance.

Preferred Genre

This will be mentioned multiple times within this website because it is important that we reiterate how important it is to know what kind of music you want to play.

In our Useful Guide section, we have discussed that different genres of music can be produced well using a specific guitar, and that’s the reason why you need to choose yours.


Not everyone has the financial means to afford the best of the best guitars. Some people even start with the cheaper ones and then purchase something better once they have more resources.

Anyway, before you start looking for the guitar you are about to buy, try evaluating up to which extent you can spend.

Proper Research

A lot of people make the mistake of buying the first guitar they see that is supposed to be “good” for beginners. Don’t be like them. Learning and playing guitar is a very long and expensive adventure, so you want to start with the best possible gear for you. You should always use trustworthy review sites when making a purchasing decision. Don’t fall for a recomenndation from someone with little or no experience at all.

Preferred Shape and Style

In order to be able to make you feel comfortable with your first guitar, you shouldtry to assess the kind of shape and style that fits you. If possible, don’t purchase your first guitar online, always go to the store personally.

You should feel the guitar for yourself in order to know whether it truly belongs to you or not.

Going slow and careful is so much better than deciding fast but careless. Purchasing a guitar is not a joke or a game especially when you want to establish a career out of it. As early as now, you need to start rationalizing your every decision.

It’s not just good for buying your first guitar, you can apply it to every decision-making aspect of your life as well.

Your First Guitar: 2 Stringed Instruments Needed for Music Shows


One of the things that you need to consider before buying your first guitar is why you want to learn in the first place. Are you in it just for the sake of learning how to play an instrument?

Or are you in it because you can see yourself playing in front of a big crowd at music shows in the future?

If you want to learn the guitar because of the latter reason, then you should be able to know which guitars are usually used in music shows. The reason for this is that you will be able to get used to playing it and you would feel much comfortable when you play for a live audience.

So, to start, here are two of the most common stringed instruments commonly used for music shows you should consider before buying your first guitar:

Electric Guitar


This guitar is always first on someone’s mind when you say music shows. Bands are mostly part of big live shows and they surely use an electric guitar to get their music through to their audience. Rock music needs strong and resonating sound and electric guitar gives out just that.

Semi-Acoustic Guitar


Music shows are not an exclusive term for concerts and other events that have a large crowd, it pertains to performances in front of a crowd, no matter how many they are. A semi-acoustic guitar can be connected to an amplifier so it could produce a louder sound that could reach the audience while sticking to acoustic songs.

These guitars are just some of the most common and they could perform different tunes as they please. For example, a band can have multiple electric guitars but with a different function like lead and rhythm. This is the one that spices up the music.

5 Faults Committed When Buying Your First Guitar


The reason why people make bad decisions is that they think they already know something that isn’t really the entirety of it.As for buying your first guitar, there are certain facts that you need to clearly understand first before proceeding to buy it.

To dig in deeper on some facts that need to be straightened up, here are five faults that are commonly committed by people when buying their first guitar.

Starting with Acoustic Guitar


People have this mindset that when you start with the acoustic guitar,you’d eventually be able to play other types of a guitar as well. This is a very wrong notion because when you want to play a certain sound, you should directly learn it so that you can practice it more.

You see, playing different genres also means using different techniques and different guitar types.

You can never use the kind of strumming in acoustic for electric as it would sound off. Other than that, using an electric guitar to play acoustic music would not have the same effect as when you are using an actual acoustic guitar.

Failure to Consider the Strings


When people see the structure and design of a guitar, they eventually shut off every other thing that they should consider in choosing one and that includes the strings. It’s not just about whether they are nylon or steel, it’s also about whether they are too high up or too low down.

The problem with steel strings is that it is harder for it to be pressed because it is made of a stronger material. Now, if it is combined with a higher-strung string, it’ll be harder for you to pin it down. A nylon string which is lowly placed may not be able to produce a good sound.

Getting Blinded with the Brand


It is a normal consensus that when you choose a popular brand over items with unknown origin, it would mean that you have the superior brand. This is very wrong. There are promising and upcoming guitar makers that are using better materials and could construct a well-soundingguitar for a cheaper price.

Not Being Prepared


When you really don’t have the drive and commitment to learning the guitar, you’d probably lose interest in it after some time. Before you buy a guitar, you need to have your materials prepared or at least have someone to teach you regularly.

This will ensure that you get to practice and would not slack off from slacking.

Paying for Unnecessary Accessories You Don’t Need Yet


When you buy your first guitar, sales people will try to mooch more money from you by offering you accessories that you don’t really need.

When you are still learning, you don’t really need accessories like those which could alter pitch, all you need to have is the basic guitar suited for the music that you want to play.

Along with the facts and tips that have been stated in our blog, we would also like you to make use of this list of faults. With this, you’ll be able to make the most rational decision for buying your first guitar.